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  • These Terms of Use (Terms & Conditions) govern your access to and use of the website ( and the services it offers. By visiting or registering on this website, you agree to enter a legally binding agreement with DebtfreeHomez LLC. Your access and use of this website are conditioned by your compliance with the Terms and Conditions highlighted below. These Terms and Conditions take effect from the date and time that you first used this website.
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  • In these Terms, “we” and “us” refer to DebtfreeHomez LLC, its management, employees, and other affiliates. Whereas, “you” refers to the users of our website and anyone accessing our services.

Basic Terms

DebtfreeHomez LLC is a service provider that enables you to own a home without a mortgage. This platform has a unique ecosystem where investors help buyers purchase their dream homes without any interest rates or fluctuating mortgage payments. The terms of this co-ownership home ecosystem are clearly outlined in the purchase agreement and related paperwork. Please note that you are responsible for your use of the services and any consequences that may result thereof. This website should not be accessed by people who are under 18 years old or persons barred by the United States government from accessing such services. These terms are applicable to state, federal and international laws. Our services may include advertisements related to home co-ownership, and we retain the right to limit such content.

General Information

  • The content displayed on is produced solely for informational purposes and the provision of our services.
  • Users are allowed to access our website from the homepage or other pages, depending on your interests. To better understand our services, we encourage our visitors to access our website from the homepage and then explore secondary pages.
  • It’s important to note that the content displayed on our site is general. Therefore, before taking any action with the information displayed, you need to seek legal, taxation, and financial advice from professionals. Also, the services displayed on our website are solely available to persons located globally and are of the age of 18 and above. With the ability to facilitate co-homeownership agreements authorized by the government of their country.


  • All the information published on, which includes text, sound, trademarks, images, logos, graphics, data, names, frames, artwork, software, the website itself and any other material, all copyrights belong to DebtfreeHomez LLC. Therefore, you are not authorized to reproduce, copy, amend, or transmit any of the above materials without our consent.
  • On our website, you will also find corporate marks, such as logos and trademarks that are associated with DebtfreeHomez LLC. We have registered these corporate marks, and they can be used with our consent as long as they are in accordance with our Terms of Service.
  • It is against our Terms and Conditions to use our website or any of our copyrighted material in a way that is considered fraudulent or unlawful. Also, the use of our intellectual property in a way that infringes our Terms of Use is not permitted.

Access to This Website

  • All users are responsible for obtaining internet connections and equipment that is needed to fully access this website.
  • You are also liable for maintaining any costs associated with connecting this website, either using software or hardware.
  • You will also notify in writing in case you discover unauthorized access to this website by an unknown party.


On our platform, we allow users to register accounts that they can use to log in and access our services. Registering on gives you access to enhanced information and services. If you decide to register, we always encourage our users to create strong passwords (preferably those that contain symbols, numbers and letters). Please do not use obvious passwords such as birth dates or phone numbers on your DebtfreeHomez account, as perpetrators can easily access these. On the same note, is not liable for any losses or damages that may occur for failing to adhere to the above requirements. Should you suspect that your password has been breached, notify our team immediately, and we will take prompt action to secure your account. It is against our Terms and Conditions for our users to attempt to log in to another user’s account, even if you are aware of their password. Such actions can lead to the termination of your account and other penalties that our management may see fit.


The website and its contents are provided to you in this format “as it is” and everything on is being presented to you exactly “as they are”, without any alterations or warranties on:

  • The information or content discussed is accurate or complete
  • The access to will be uninterrupted, free of error or any defects
  • The materials downloaded from this platform will not cause damage, such as the spread of a computer virus or the loss of data.

Use of Website

  • Occasionally, we may post third-party links on our website or blog. DebtfreeHomez LLC does not accept any liability for damages or consequences that may result from third-party links. We do not have control of the information or content that is posted on third-party websites. Before using or accessing these websites, make sure that you read and agree to their terms of use.
  • You are also prohibited from using this website if you intend;
  • To interfere, disrupt or damage the website operations or services provided
  • To interfere with the experiences of other users
  • To spread content that is considered profane, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, abusive, threatening or unlawful
  • To create or change the existing databases
  • To advertise or promote content that is non-related to the services provided by
  • To transmit malware in the form of viruses or Trojan Horse

Downloaded Content

On our website, you will find content that can be downloaded. Our Terms and Conditions regarding downloadable material state that you;

  • Should download content at your own risk
  • Are liable for ensuring all downloaded content is stored safely
  • Are responsible for choosing the software and hardware to download content on
  • Are liable for any damages that may occur on your computer or smartphone as a result of the downloaded content
  • Do not alter downloaded content
  • Do not put the downloaded content for sale or make it public

No Liability

  • Access and use of this website is at your sole risk
  • does not accept liability for any damage or losses that occur directly or indirectly as a result of:
  • Using or accessing this website and the services provided
  • Errors in data or transmitted information
  • Typographical errors on the website or inaccuracies in the information or content posted
  • Failed connections to the website
  • Viruses transmitted through the website
  • Interrupted website services


By using, you agree to indemnify and defend our company from and against any demands, actions or claims brought to us. This covers damages, costs, legal fees and losses that may arise from your use of this website, suit, claims or breaches of this document.


Any information that is shared with is subject to our Privacy Policy. This document governs how we collect and use your information. It’s also through the privacy policy that you can learn how we store and process your information.

Law and Jurisdiction

Information and services displayed on this website are in accordance with the state laws of Wyoming and the United States. The courts of Wyoming have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes that may arise in connection to our terms and conditions. By using the website, you agree to settle any disputes within Wyoming state courts and laws.

Suspension of Access to Website

DebtfreeHomez preserves the right to suspend your access to this website and services should we find you culpable of infringing the above Terms and Conditions.

Ending These Terms

The above Terms and Conditions can be terminated by either DebtfreeHomez LLC or its users. You have the right to terminate this legal agreement at any time by discontinuing the use of our services or accessing this website. To end these terms, kindly reach out to our support staff by writing to

We also reserve the right to end our legal agreement if:

  • You violate our Terms of Use
  • You put our organization at legal risk
  • If, for whatever reason, we no longer feel obliged to continue offering our services to you may revise these Terms in the future. In the event of a revision, we may notify you via email. However, the most recent Terms and Conditions will always be posted on Terms and Conditions Page. If you do not agree to these revisions, please do not access or use our site and the services it offers. You can end our legal agreement as stipulated in Section 15. If you need us to clarify any of the above sections, please feel free to reach out.

These Terms & Conditions are effective as of 2nd May 2024.